Monday, May 5, 2008

Buy This!

Buy this dress (the picture doesn't really do it justice- but it does have 5 stars).

Actually, buy it in a few colors. I ordered the Plum and the Blue (in case you were wondering), but it also comes in Brown, Green and Black.

It's from Target and it's only 22 dollars.

It's perfect for work and it's totally comfortable.

My advice- order a size down. I usually wear a Small or a Medium--but in this, a small did the trick. Also, you might need to bite the bullet and order online, they are flying of the shelves at the stores (free shipping over $50).

Let me know if you pick one up!


Jennifer said...

This is so funny...everyone is talking about these dresses...I bought the blue last week:) It is too cute! I am wearing it tomorrow:) Now I think I need more colors!!

Ashley said...

haah really.. I had no idea!

I say go with the plum. It's divine.