Saturday, May 31, 2008

Imagine that

Boyfriend and I stayed up and watched a little bit of Talledega nights (I love 8 pound Jesus) and decided that we were sleeping in today.

At 7am I woke up in a pool of sweat and went into the living room to turn the AC on.

At 9am we woke up to the fire alarm and an entire apartment FULL OF SMOKE.

We searched everywhere and couldn't find any flames. Boyfriend noticed that the smoke was coming out of the AC vents throughout the house. I went to turn to AC off. Nope, sorry, you're entire control unit is melted. Shit. I quickly called the Apartment office, and she tells us to switch the breaker....

(meanwhile, I can barely breathe and Snap is having a mini-heart attack under the couch).

To make a long story short, the maintenance man finally showed up (half an hour later). I was freakin' the entire time- but the apartment manager told me not to leave the apartment in case it went up in flames. Smart thinking apartment manager.

It turns out that my AC unit melted internally. He tried to fix it today, but when he turned it on again it went all whack.

Now, I'm forced to sit in my apartment in 80 degree weather with 99% humidity until they can fix it on Monday (maybe). Additionally, my entire apartment and all of my clothes reek of smoke, I could barely breathe for a good hour there, and my cats are officially terrified.

As a result, I went to watch the Sex and the City movie with Noelle and Conigs and proceeded to drink quite a few glasses of wine on their porch tonight (sorry if this does not make sense).

Freakin' Fires ruining my Saturday.

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