Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Birthday

As you may have heard, Oh'Snap and Sage turned one year old today. I started off the morning by locking them in my bedroom.

*My apartment complex staff had to enter my apartment again today. My apartment complex charges 50 dollars per animal, per month rent. Obviously, Snap and Sage reside here illegally. If I had a giant dog, I would feel bad about it, but I don't think that two small kittens = $100.

Anyways, it was MUCH easier to hide them in the fall. However, more recently, they have an excuse to enter my apartment on a biweekly basis for random fire extinguisher checks, washing machine checks etc. A-holes, cramping my kitties' birthday.

Anyways, like a good mom, I picked up some new birthday toys for them. They enjoyed this a lot:

This is a major eyesore, but whatever. We'll have a two bedroom in two months and it will be much easier to hide.


Darth Mama said...

mmm... I had a giant dog... I didn't feel bad at all. That place gouges you anyway...

A.D. said...

Happy Birthday Snap & Sage! Where did you get the kitty gym...I love it! We used to have some cat tents like this, buy my maniacs destroyed them within a week. This looks like something that may be able to withstand their destructive habits...well, at least for a little longer than a week!
Oh, I love the picture of them when they were babies. I was going to comment on that post, but it looks like you have some random person that posted a strange comment on that one. I just didn't want to post a comment next to those weirdos!

Ashley said...

Hey, I actually got the gym at Walmart.. and for under 20 dollars.

I'm not sure how long this one will last, but it's actually pretty sturdy.

They have cat pirate ships, cat surfs up playground, and this one. You should check it out. I think they are by sportpet (can't remember-threw out box)

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