Monday, May 5, 2008

Nice Bump

Today, someone asked me if I am pregnant.


More specifically, she patted my stomach and said, "Are you trying to hide a little bump?"

Um, no you asshat. I'm not.

I just bought this dress on Saturday and it does not make me look pregnant.

Seriously, who asks that?

I mean, come on bitch, at least wait till tomorrow after I pig out on fondue.


A.D. said...

What a biznatch!!! Did she atleast have the decency to act embarrassed after you told you were not pregnant? People are idiots! Sounds like a rough day...just drown your sorrows in fondue and start fresh tomorrow!

Ashley said...

She didn't seem embarassed, she just said Oops, the last time I saw you I didn't think you were-- and laughed.