Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh lord

Today started off like a Monday (it's Wednesday).

I made a fabulous dinner last night; Chicken, Pesto Arrabiata sauce, provolone cheese, and spaghetti. I carefully packed up the leftovers in tupperware after dinner last night and put it in the fridge for lunch. I remembered to take it out of the fridge and put it in my lunch bag this morning.. but I forgot to bring my lunch bag to work.

Bummer. I work 1/2 an hour away, so picking it up was not an option. So, until 6:30 tonight (when I got home) my lovely dinner rotted away on the kitchen counter.


In other news....


In recent months, I have been called "pregnant" by two complete strangers. Last night, a friend told me that I was rapidly expanding (in not so many words). I think it's time that I step up and do something about it (I know, I know, but seriously, I mean it this time).

I can only imagine the shit that girls that wear over a size six get. I thought that a size six was a coveted size. Apparently not, considering the fact that I (allegedly) look like I have a permanent ticket to the gravy train.

I could, potentially be totally blind. Most of you will probably think that I'm a complete hag for saying this aloud, but I have never, never, never, looked in the mirror and though eww, I'm gross (no, I don't think I'm super hot or anything- but I do not have a poor self-image). I have looked in the mirror and thought, I've had better days, but I've never once thought that I looked fat. Seriously, fat.

Some teeny, tiny girls look in the mirror and think, "DSmn I'm huge." I look in the mirror and think, "wow, my body is banging." I think that I have an overly inflated body image.

Anyways, truthfully, I could stand to lose a few pounds. The smallest that I've ever been was a size two (in college and in high school). At that time, I weighed about 18 pounds less than I do now. My goal is to lose about 10 pounds. That will get me back into some of my old clothes, but won't require an entire wardrobe makeover.

Oh, and I think I might try weight watchers to accomplish this. I probably won't go to the meetings, but I think that I'm going to try the online version. I need to face the music- I have oodles of work out DVDs, but all the candy and soda in the world couldn't motivate me to do them everyday. Instead, WW here I come (and I'm going to try to incorporate some type of aerobic exercise in).

Does anyone have any WW advice? Help would be greatly appreciated.


Jennifer said...

Good DO NOT look pregnant in any pictures that I have seen...and I would DIE to be a size 6!!! At a size 10 I guess I would be pregnant with quadruplets to these people who are saying this stuff to you!! know that I did WW to lose this weight..and am back on it. I don't follow it to a "T"...I just count points...I don't get in the milk, fruit and veggie requirements a day. Any questions...just ask...I should be a pro at it by now!!

Ashley said...

JKW.. I think you look beautiful and super skinny.

Perhaps i'm just small boned or something and look larger than I really am. Who knows?!? I've been trying to come up with excuses all day. I do happen to gain weight in my belly though (hence pregnant).. too bad it won't go to my boobs and ass.

Anyways, did you do WW online or do you go to the meetings? I think I want to do it so that I can into the habit of thinking of foods as points. I think that's an idea that I can keep for life (but I probably will be a little lax about it).

Jennifer said...

The first time I did WW was after my daughter was born 4.5 years ago...I went to the meetings..but quickly found out that it was a waste of my time...I would go just to weigh in and then leave before the crazy old fat women who couldn't lose a pound in a year started talking. My advice would be to go to a meeting...even if it is just one and buy the starter kit. It might cost you a little start up fee...say maybe $50 in all...BUT then you have the materials to instantly look at rather than having to look everything up online. Just my opinion. You will think about things as points forever once you is funny. Good luck!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh...and I don't go to meetings now or do it online..I just do it myself at home. Once you have the materials in hand it is self-explanatory. Warning though...your yummy dinners you talk about making will be hard to calculate points and will have to be adjusted to include low-calorie items rather than the higher calorie ones. It can be done though!!!

Ashley said...

good call.. maybe I'll do that instead of the online.

I'm willing to adapt my eating for a little bit. I generally eat less and more healthy in the summer anyways.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is your boyfriend thinks you're hot.

A.D. said...

I've seen your recent pics, and I've never thought you looked prego in any of them. Maybe it was just what you were wearing that day. I have one dress that I love, but when I wear it, everyone asks if I'm pregnant (people really shouldn't ask that question just in case you are not)! I did weight watchers a few years ago, and it worked, but then I fell off the wagon. I bought the starter kit on e-bay instead of doing the online or meeting thing. It was pretty easy to follow and it didn't cost a fortune! Good luck (but I still think you are skinny)!

A.D. said...
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