Monday, May 19, 2008

OH, man

I had a wonderful night, so I decided to try on dresses for the wedding that I'm going to this weekend.

Bad idea. My fat ass won't fit into many of my formal dresses. Scratch that, it's actually my fat ribs that are causing the problems. Who knew that you could gain weight in your ribs?!? I know now. The dresses all fit everywhere, expect for when you need to zip them up. Sweet.

You all know that I'm all about shopping, but I hate to buy another formal dress when I already have more than two handfuls sitting in my closet. All of which I've worn once or twice tops.

Anyways, I've narrowed it down (by process of rib elimination) to two dresses. One is my old standby (I usually save it for winter weddings, but it could work. It's a champagne colored dress with a black lace overlay. Sounds tacky, but it's adorable), and the other is this number...

The picture isn't fabulous- and makes it look like cotton. It's actually a silky, slightly shiny material. It flows quite nicely and it actually fits well, but is it appropriate to wear green to a wedding? I think it's probably dressy enough, but boyfriend isn't so sure (however, he also admitted that he thinks it's only appropriate to wear black to weddings- seeing as though he's worn a black suit to every wedding that he's ever been to).

It's a very deep emerald green, empire waist with a pleated bottom. I think I could swing it, but I may be being delusional. Input please!


Solar Powered said...

love your blog! the dress looks adorable and very wedding appropriate

PreppyPeshke said...

I think green is a great color to wear to a summer wedding. I actually believe the only 2 colors that shouldn't be worn are white and black.

That dress is great and looks super comfy.

A.D. said...

I think this dress is fine to wear to a wedding unless it is black tie. It looks like it is dressy enough for a day or night wedding, and green is a great color!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the input. It's a night wedding, but not black tie. Dressing for weddings is so difficult. Some people come in wearing skirts and then others are in ball gowns. I never know what to wear.