Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

On Friday, I worked my LAST shift at the Loft. Hello freedom and pool time!

Yesterday I woke up super early (earlier than I do for work) to meet boyfriend and his family in Pennsylvania for his little sister's graduation. As I was rushing out the door (changed outfit 33 times) Sage sprawled her entire body across the door to prevent me from leaving. It was adorable, I wish I had my camera.

I'm from Western Pennsylvania, so of course I love the state- but damn, I thought that I went to college in the middle of no where (I went to UMass- home to corn fields, tobacco and tanning salons). I swear, his little sis was stuck in pennsyltucky for four whole years. I guess I shouldn't judge, it appears as though she enjoyed it.

Anyways, graduation was graduation and afterwards we headed back to her humble abode (aka apartment). It was then that I learned that I was becoming ancient. I cannot believe that I ever lived like that. Her place was clean for a college apartment, but it was a college apartment no less. I had trouble sitting still on the couch just thinking about all of the beers that were spilled there and the make out sessions that took place there. Yuck.

I never thought that I would say this, but I'm so glad that I'm done with college. Bye, Bye, empty liquor bottle decor, hello Pottery Barn. Being a grown-up is certainly looking up these days.

Throughout the day, I realized that boyfriend's family is very similar to my own. Think constant heckling and throwing each other under the bus. Luckily, I grew up under similar circumstances o I can hold my own. I laughed my ass off at lunch explaining the Dance-Off.. which you had to be there for.

This afternoon, my friend Brook texted me and asked if I wanted to do pedicures and sushi. Yes, please. It's turning out to be a sweet little Sunday.

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