Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Blues

In honor of the boyfriend's birthday week, a list for him:

The top 15 reasons that boyfriend rocks!

1. I trust boyfriend 110%. He's the most loyal and trust worthy man that I have ever met. I could never doubt his faithfulness.

2. Despite the worst hangover in the world, he always asks me what I want for breakfast on Saturday mornings.

3. He is never to busy to kiss me goodbye and/or goodnight. Every. Single. Time.

4. His tendency to be easily amused sends me into hysterics every time (or slight annoyance, but I find it funny after a minute).

5. Although he claims that he hates cats, he treats Snap and Sage just as well as he treats me.

6. I get flowers all the time.. just because.

7. He's got at least 6 inches on me, so I fit perfectly under his shoulder.

8. He laughs at my jokes, even when they are terrible.

9. Even if I cook the worst possible dinner ever, he eats it, smiles and tells me that it is amazing.

10. He's a phenomenal chef (and the reason for my weight gain).

11. He always asks me what I want, and if everything is okay. He makes me feel like his number one priority.

12. His eyes are absolutely gorgeous (but he already knows that- he gets compliments all the time).

13. He's fiercely competitive and when he's frustrated it melts my heart (as opposed to being scary, which would be bad).

14. He's 100% dependable and I can always count on him.

15. He makes me feel beautiful all of the time (even if I don't) and would never, ever say anything negative about me and/or how I look.

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