Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Bachelorette

Spoiler Alert!

Okay, seriously, I can't be the only one watching this show (avidly, I might add).

I've been watching it since day one, and I don't mean day one DeAnna, I mean day one Alex. Grandma watches right along with me. Thankfully, I met boyfriend, because she's been trying to pull one over on me and sign me up for years.

To this day she calls and says, "I hope you still have your boyfriend, but seriously, if you don't, I'm definitely going to hook up my webtv and sign you up." Gee, thanks grandma.

Anyways, blah blah, I'm a fan of DeAnna and all, but am I the only one that thinks that her choices are a little whack?!? Granted they didn't give her much to go on (half the twenty five were simply not suitable), but I'm really not that enthused about the three remaining bachelors.

1. Jesse- yeah he's funny but WTF? The kid is clearly not your type and he even admitted that he didn't want to get married within two weeks. Apparently he hasn't watched the show before because I'm pretty sure that that you are expected to do.

2. Jeremy- Yeah he's perfect, yeah he's OCD, yeah he's affectionate and loving, but I also think he's more than a little bit blah. They never seem to laugh together and have a good time. He's like Debbie Downer, expect he's Donny Downer.

3. Jason- I suppose (via process of elimination) that he is my favorite, but seriously, that nose is driving me crazy.


Lori said...

Yes I watch. Yes I agree that the choices she makes are stupid. But, I do kinda like Jason. Even without the process of elimination.

And.. I'm right there with you. Watching since day one.

Ashley said...

Alright fine.. you're right.. now that I think about it.. Jason was my top pick from the beginning (he's charming, it's just the nose). I doubt she'll pick him though.. she's all about how PERFECT Jeremy is. Gag me.