Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boyfriend's B'day

So, Boyfriend isn't big on birthdays, but I am. I celebrate birthday month, so I informed boyfriend that he'd have to step it up and at least celebrate birthday week. He agreed, and we celebrated with dinner out last night on his actual b'day, we're hitting up the bar tonight with some friends, and celebrating with his family on Saturday.

Boyfriend appeared to enjoy it. Especially when I woke him up from his nap with two glasses of champagne.

In other news, boyfriend's present cracked me up and kept me amused for days.

He's probably going to kill me for telling this story, but it has to be told. About 1-2 months ago, boyfriend and I may have been looking at gems at a nice jewelry store in town. Now, if you know my boyfriend, you know that he turns into quite the comedian at the store (any store). Upon walking in, boyfriend slapped my ass right in front of two guards. Gee, thanks boyfriend. Upon sitting down in front of the cases, the comedy ensued. He asked the sales lady if we could see something in cubic zirconia.

Anyways, while we were there, the lady randomly decided to tell us that in today's society, it is expected that a girl will give her boyfriend a "time piece" after he proposes. Seeing as though I'm 26 and not 80, I was thinking, "what the hell is a time piece?" (told you I could be a ditz). I was picturing a long pocket watch, and thinking who the hell would really purchase one of those!?!?

Boyfriend decided to be funny and asked the saleslady if they sold Timex.

Anyways, for his birthday, I bought boyfriend a watch. He hasn't had one since the 8th grade and I figured that it was a appropriate present.

I was hoping to buy a Timex for him in an attempt to trick him, but they were like 30 dollars at Walmart and I'm not spending 30 bucks on a gag.

Instead, I bought something even better. I wrapped it up beautifully and mocked sheer excitement over the present choice.

This is his first peek into the box. Imagine me behind the camera waiting anxiously for his reaction to the lovely "time piece" that I picked out for him.

He's so sweet, he actually tried to pretend that he liked it. He was like "wow, honey, thanks." It took everything within me to contain the laughter.

Finally, I let him in on my trick and allowed him to open his real present. He was like, "Ugh, so that one isn't it." No, no honey. He seemed much happier with the actual watch.

This is what he opened at first. A $7.00 special at Walmart, complete with two of the tackiest bucks that you ever could see.

Oh I'm tricky.


Anonymous said...

OMG That is soo funny!!!

Ashley said...

haha thanks.. I was amused myself =]