Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday

I wasn't going to mention this, but after work today, I went to the cardiologist. Do not be alarmed, I'm not dying (yet). My doctor, and the doctors before that, have all informed me that I have a very fast resting heart beat. I've known this for years, and I've even had an EKG awhile back, which came back normal (but fast). I told them, if you think it's fast now, you should hear it when I work out (however, I also told her that I was probably out of shape). Apparently, Dr. D didn't find this very amusing.

Anyways, my primary care physician told me to just go to the cardiologist and have it checked out. The cardiologist did an EKG and all that jazz and apparently I have a slight heart murmur (and she says many people have this-not a reason to be alarmed), but just to be sure, she's going to run all of the tests. If I'm so normal, what is the point?

Being the hypo that I am.. I'm kinda glad that she's being proactive, but I was not prepared to walk out of the office covered in electrodes. The nurse thought that she was a riot when she asked me if I showered today. Apparently I can't shower again for 48 hours (sorry Lori.. I'm going to smelling and look like a peach on our lunch date). I'm going to try to convince boyfriend to wash my hair over the tub, but seriously, wtf. Apparently I will not be going to the pool and/or getting sweaty anytime soon.

Have you ever had one of these mobile heart monitors? Really, there is nothing quite like carrying a 2 pound box on your pants (sounds small.. it gets annoying). I've dropped it approximately 4 times in the two hours that it's been on, and boyfriend is lovingly asking me why I'm wearing a beeper ever two minutes. Sweet.

How am I supposed to hide this thing at work tomorrow? It's literally about four inches wide x 3 inches high. Obnoxious much?


A.D. said...

Anything involving the heart scares the bejesus out of me! I know wearing the monitor is not fun, but better to be safe than sorry, right? Not trying to be a downer or trying to scare you, but one of Eric's best friends died 2 years ago (he was 31) from a heart condition they didn't know he had but could have been treated if they did know. whatever crazy stuff they need to do because if they do find something, then they can treat it before it gets too bad! Hope everything goes well and keep us updated!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

At least you don't have to try and hide it from 25 first graders who all think you're dying.. or you're a robot. That's what I endured.

Don't worry, I'm okay hanging out with you when you're stinky. And.. I won't ask you why you're wearing a beeper, I promise.

And... I'm glad you got that checked out. Seriously. I agree with AD up there.

Ashley said...

I know.. thats why i'm doing it. The doctor said she was not alarmed at all, but I actually knew someone that died of an undiagnosed heart condition at 27, so if my insurance will cover it.. I'd rather be safe and do too much. I appreciate my doctor being proactive.. it's taken them this long to figure things out...

Jennifer said...

Oh how I feel your pain of wearing one of those crazy things...I had to wear one a few years ago when I was having chest pains and fainting spells...NOT fun. Hopefully it is nothing...I'll be praying for you!!! Let us know what the results show!

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