Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Hair

This is a crab hat. The kitties hate it, so the picture isn't fabulous. The good pictures are on boyfriends camera, so they will have to wait.

I finally had my hair cut today! I hated the layers that they did last time, so I'm quite pleased with the results! I wish it was a little bit shorter, but I'll take it to that level the next time that I go back.

This is what happens when I ask boyfriend to take a picture of my new hair. Photographer, he is not.

New hair front view (excuse my face):

New hair side view:

Overall, I'm a fan. Yay for new hair.


Jennifer said...

CUTE!!!! His picture reminds me of some my 4-year old has comparing or anything;)

Anonymous said...

Come on now, you know that was a boobie shot on purpose. Let the people know.

Jennifer said...

LOL boyfriend...I wasn't even thinking that...LOL...hilarious!

A.D. said...

Well...he got some of your hair but I'm pretty sure he just wanted a picture of "the girls"! I love the new haircut. Sigh, it makes me wish I could have short hair (I've makes me look like a pumpkin head).
The crab hat thing is hilarious. I have some similar pics of some Disney hats we brought back from vaca one year for the cats. Maybe I need to scrounge those up and we can have a kitty fashion show!
On another note, on the way to work this morning, Eric was listening to some radio show and the guys on it went off on a tangent about why so many girls were wearing the "baby doll" style dresses that make them look pregnant. It made me think of your dilemma with people asking you if you were preggers even though you are teeny tiny!

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