Sunday, June 29, 2008

Project #2

Apparently, inquiring minds want to know. Well, maybe one inquiring mind, but whatever. That counts.

Today, I began operation new kitchen. I finally decided on some fabrics, which can be seen here (the lighting sucks, but you get the idea).

The striped fabric is several different shades of green and will one day be the curtains. The floral fabric will be the covers of the chair cushions. So far, I've put together two valences. The cafe curtains are going to have to wait until I have purchased a decent pair of sewing scissors (i.e., ones that can cut a straight line).

I've got my fingers crossed that the whole kitchen comes out as well as I have imagined. We don't want to buy too much for the new place (in case we happen to get married and need gifts, ha). As a result, I'm making large changes that are cost effective. The curtains and chair covers should run me less than thirty dollars total.

This is the table that we are going to get. I figure it's worth spending some money on that because when we buy a house, it's a simple table and can easily transfer into any kitchen. Next steps include completing the curtains, chair covers and starting on the mosaic. Unfortunately, actual pictures of the projects will have to wait until August (when we move). I'm not going to hang the curtains up until then, but I'll be sure to share them later.


Darth Mama said...

I'm sure the finished product(s) will be fabulous.

Love! the table.


Ashley said...

Thanks L! Value City Furniture baby. =]

A.D. said...

Oh, I can't believe I forgot to comment on this yesterday. I looked at it (via google reader), and then I meant to come back later to comment. I love the table and chairs. I can't wait to see the covers when you finish and I really like the fabrics you picked. Good job!