Monday, June 23, 2008


I used to do really well doing nothing. Last summer, I spent at least 90% of my days at the pool, lounging around doing absolutely nothing.

This summer, I need projects. It is true that I'm working, but it's only work if you count 2 hour lunches with Mari and Alli (daily), surfing the internet, and planning imaginary vacations for four hours a day work. It's boring to come home after doing nothing all day to do, well, nothing.

I've contemplated quite a few productive ideas to be honest. I'm trying to decide on a new kitchen table, and I've been tossing around the idea of making a mosaic. Originally, I was going to mosaic the entire table- now, I think I've narrowed it down to making a mosaic on a lazy susan (which can be hidden away when I'm sick of it, and/or don't want to look at it). I happen to think that I'm quite brilliant.

Boyfriend is seriously against a kitchen table, but I'm sold. He thinks it's just too much clutter and prefers to eat on the coffee table in front of the T.V. He thinks that we won't realistically have anyone over for dinner, but I'm determined to change that. It may be a tiny bit cramped in the kitchen, but I'm really looking forward to dinner parties (he hates them) and wine nights with the girls.

I'm also going to sew up some curtains for the kitchen. First, I need to get that sewing machine fixed. It's been on the fritz since the first time I turned it on, a few months ago. It's coming home with me this weekend, my mom is great at being domestic and will know how to fix it.

Today, I was off work, so I took on another-albeit-smaller project. I had purple pansies in containers outside on my patio, but they were looking sad. Very sad. Today, I ran to home depot, picked up some great new flowers and painted my old containers. The green paint is the color that is currently in the kitchen (leftovers) and the yellow is the color in my living room (more leftovers).

I'm not Martha Stewart, but I like how they came out.

In other news, I went to weight watchers today! It's official, I'm going to try it. I thought that they would kick me out and/or laugh at me when I walked in there, but amazingly, 50% of the people there weighed less than I do (at least I think). Generally, you set a 10% goal and then an overall goal, but my overall goal is going to be no more than my 10% goal. I think 10-15 pounds will be more than enough weight loss.

Here's hoping that I can stick to it and here's hoping that I can quit my three times a day full fat, full sugar coke habit.


A.D. said...

I love projects like that. Your planters look great! You definitely need a kitchen table. We only eat at ours about half the time, but when we have parties or friends over, it's always nice to have a place to gather.
As for the baby thing...I really love being all about myself, but then again, it would be a shame not to reproduce and pass on my awesomeness :)! Plus, I'm getting really tired of cleaning the litter boxes, and when you are pregnant you are not allowed to clean them...just kidding...maybe!

Ashley said...

Thanks! I didn't have a small paint brush, so I used my finger for the polka dots. It worked out quite well.

I hear ya about the kids and the litter. But i'm telling you, regardless of the kids, pick up the smart scoop self scooping box. It's a lifesaver.

Lori said...

You'll have to let me know how Weight Watchers goes for you. Fatty McFatterson (me) is tired of being a lazy ass and still wondering why I can't lose weight. So.. if it goes well for you and you don't feel all miserable and such, then I'll hop on board. Seriously, let me know. And.. what do you think about lunch next week? Maybe Monday or Tuesday?

BrooklynGirl said...

Hey, nice work on the projects. You definitely need a kitchen table -- you're a grownup!

I have a project for you. We received a bunch of our china as a gift, but the stupid manufacturer didn't package the shipment right, and 4 of our soup bowls arrived shattered. I am having them replace, and I don't think the company wants the shattered pieces back. Assuming they don't, I was thinking of making a mosaic or something. Any ideas?

Ashley said...

I know! I'm getting a kitchen table and boyfriend is going to have to deal with it (looove you boyfriend)!

Well, you came to the right person. I have tons of ideas and I think a mosaic would be perfect for you and your decor. Some easy things that ou could do include:
1. a centerpiece bowl or vase 2. a mirror for near/around our china cabinet. Four bowls may not pack enough punch in regards to materials, but run to home depot and pick up some neutral tiles to add to the mix. Making a mosaic is actually quite easy.. just buy some grout, a little glue and go crazy- there's no write or wrong way to glue on tiles. Let me know what you decide.

Ashley said...

Lori.. email me.. I have an inservice on Tuesday, but I could def meet up monday or another day that week. =]

Ashley said...

Amanda.. that would be right.. not write. Sorry it's been a long day.