Friday, June 27, 2008

Run, Don't Walk


This week, she's giving away a monogram travel mug!

Plus, if you comment on her blog and tell her that I sent you, we can both win one! It's a win, win situation and you've got nothing to lose!


BrooklynGirl said...

re: your comment on my kitchen aid: Do not spend too much money on setting up your apartment when you guys move in together. One of the biggest reasons I wish our wedding had been closer to the time we moved in together is that we laid out so much money setting up -- couches, washer and dryer, dining table, bedding, etc etc etc ... we ended up getting really generous wedding gifts, which are now going backwards to pay off credit cards instead of forwards to buy gifts. So ... try to live with the stuff you two have for now, and don't buy anything new, if you can help it!

Ashley said...

We don't plan on buying much of anything (aside from a sleeper sofa so you two can come stay with us one weekend).

Please, everytime we find something we want, we look at each other, grin and say that's going on our registry. We've got it all planned out. =]