Thursday, June 26, 2008

This touched me..

I'm not usually political. I mean, yes, I care about politics, but after spending the last seven years in Massachusetts, I learned that my opinion was not appreciated and often belittled. Seven years of opposing ridicule made me shut my mouth-- quite frequently.

However, since moving to Maryland, I have learned that most people are quite open minded, and a lot of people aren't staunch supporters either way. Instead, they are somewhere in the middle, leaning only slightly towards one side. I like that.

Regardless, seven years has done it's damage, and as a result, my political "ness" is mostly hidden away. However, I read this article today and it really touched me. Check it out, but don't bitch me out for being slightly conservative.


Jennifer said...

I certainly won't bitch at you for being slightly conservative...I am definitely conservative according to this guy....this election scares me to death...really it does! Yes...I found brooklyngirl through your comments...yep..I'm nosey:)

Lori said...

i don't think all of those expressed true conservative values, though.I won't bitch,though. You're entitled to your own opinion. I just hope that you do some more research on this conservative v. liberal thing before the election. Just keep in mind.. it was an op-ed. Those often have little factual knowledge to write on.

Whew. Can you tell I just came from "School Law" class? :)

Um.. about next week.. what were my options again? Can we make Wednesday work?

Ashley said...

Lori.. I can make any day work. =] We honestly have plenty of time for lunch in the summer.. keep me updated

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