Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To ditz or not to ditz

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a ditz.

I've asked my friends and I've asked the boyfriend and they always tell me "NO!".

Sometimes, I wonder if they are lying.

I mean, I've got the blonde thing going, and I've certainly said one or two stupid things in my life. Ahem.

In high school, I was like sporty spice. However, I picked my sports based on the outfit. Sure, I could have played basketball, but lets be realistic, those girls are practically in capris. Softball? Oh, hell to the no! Spandex went out in the mid-90's.

Field Hockey and Lacrosse, check and double check. I even won the shortest kilt award in high school. It's an award that I covet. To. This. Day.

However, I think that the one thing that I've got to help me straddle the fine line between ditz-a-licous and normal blonde chick is my tell it like it is attitude.

A ditz thinks everything is AWESOME, and cute, and perfect. They ooh and ahh over everything, even if they really couldn't give a damn.

Me, on the other hand, I'll tell you if your outfit sucks and/or if you're being a complete asshat. Some may think I'm blunt, I prefer honest.

I think it works well this way. It's a known fact that every girl needs two types of friends; one that will tell you that you are awesome, cute and totally perfect. One that will ooh and ahh over your ugly sweater. Then you need one that will tell it like it is and direct you to the nearest salvation army, complete with a print out of donation calling hours.

When you go through a break-up, you want your ditz to tell you how perfect and amazing you are. But eventually, you're going to need the friend that tells it like it is. Especially when you decide to rebound and need the perfect first date outfit.

Shoot, maybe I'm just a bitchy ditz.


Jennifer said...

Bahahaha...a bitchy ditz...now that is hilarious...I don't think you are a ditz..our personalities are a lot alike...you are the unmarried..childless version of me..wanna trade, lol!

Ashley said...

ooh cool.. I'm glad that we are alike. I mean, we did have the same majors in college and enjoy the same things (except for dieting, I just can't get the hang of that).

Thanks for the free kids offer and although i'd love a large truckload of my own, I need at least another year of selfish living (I watch too many episodes of John and Kate + 8)

Jennifer said...

Oh...trust me...WAIT...a LONG time to have kids...don't get me wrong I love and adore mine...but I would LOVE to have some selfish time...and a lot of it!

Oh...and I don't enjoy dieting..NOT AT ALL!!

Jennifer said...
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