Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost Off

Boyfriend and I are going to the Eastern Shore this weekend. It's our big vacation of the summer (ha, all four days of it). We're moving, boyfriend's starting a new job, all of which make a vacation difficult to work out.

Anyways, I should be thrilled about leaving and excited about the beach, but mostly I'm just feeling anxious about my cats. I'm terrified to leave them alone for four days. I'm sure that they'll be fine, but I always look to the worse case scenario. Although I've only had them a year, I'd do pretty much anything for either one of them. I've got a friend coming to check on them, but only for about 10 minutes each day.

If I get this worked up about leaving my kitties, I can't even imagine how neurotic I'm going to be when I have kids. I'm going to require an I.V. of Xanax at all times.


A.D. said...

They'll be fine. As long as you have someone coming in and checking on them and feeding them then I wouldn't worry too much. I've had to go away for some long weekends before where I couldn't find anyone to check on them so I just left out a crap ton of food and hoped for the best. Most of the time, I think that as long as my cats have food they could care less whether or not I'm there!

Jackie said...

I cry every time we leave our dog to go on a trip. And since she is a dog we have to leave her with someone, so obviously she will be taken care of....but I still get irrational. Reason 235897 why I'm not ready for children. :)