Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm having haircare drama.

I was born with platinum blonde hair (as most blondes are). It was translucent and it was blonder than blonde. I was mistaken for an albino on more than one occasion.

However, as time passed, my hair darkened a little bit. By high school it was dishwater blonde or mousy blonde. I didn't want hair that resembled last nights dinner dishes, nor did I want to resemble any type of rodent. So, I did what any other blonde would do and went for highlights.

Highlights are freakin' expensive, so in college I perfected the at home highlight. I must say, that I'm pretty damn good at doing them as well. No one has ever told me that my hair looks like ass, and more often than not, they ask me where I get it done.

Duh, it's me!

Anyways, I've been using the same highlighting kit for the last five years. Same color, same technique, same everything. However, in the fall, winter and spring, my hair is a lovely caramel color with honey highlights. In the summer, it's totally platinum. How is that possible? It's the same box, same color all year.

I'm sure it's all the time I spend by the pool, but I'm seriously over the platinum look. I prefer honey, I prefer caramel and I prefer medium blonde (as the box promises).

I may bite the bullet and pay for highlights again in a few weeks. I usually can't get my hair darker until at least October when I do it on my own (thanks to being miraculously platinum all summer).

Oh and in other related news, OMG, OMG You Guys! I'm going to see Legally Blonde when it comes to Baltimore in October. I'm so excited. It's my favorite movie (tied with Clueless) and I'm going with a big group of girls. What could be better than that?


A.D. said...

I'm sure it is b/c of being out in the sun so much. Make sure you ask how much the highlights are before you get them. I got highlights for the first time in a few years and when I went to pay, she told me they were $200. I seriously almost passed out! I just found a new person that does them for $100 (still a lot, but way better than $200). So, learn from my painful lesson and ask first! Good luck and have fun seeing Legally Blonde...I'm jealous!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I used to cry when anyone said I had dishwater blonde hair. Serious tears because I did not want to look like dishwater. Thanks for grabbing lunch today, it was fun!