Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Intentions

Well, I had good intentions about whipping up a post yesterday, but I refrained. Turns out that the only thing that I could think about typing was a ridiculous rant fest about parents. More specifically, the parents of plain ol' average children who demand early kindergarten admission assessments because they are too cheap to go private and feel as though they are entitled to early admission (i.e. free daycare), even though their child isn't actually old enough for school.

See, that's a boring little story, so I didn't write it up.

In other news, I've been a sewing machine (pun intended). The curtains were a really great idea when I purchased the fabric, but it's really getting old now that I've finished the first pair.

Boyfriend and I move in exactly 12 days. I'm not even remotely packed, and he actually has to be out of his place by the 31st. I'm a organization freak, so I'm anxious just thinking about the pile of stuff and boxes that is slowly creeping into my apartment.

{Interestingly enough, I'm more anxious about stuff laying around my place, than I am about moving in with boyfriend. That must be a good sign}.

We finally bought some new furniture today. I've lived alone since I was 22, so I've accumulated my fair share of stuff. However, I was ready to upgrade a few things, but not too many because in my ideal world, we will own a house by next year.

We bought a super comfy couch for our "office/spare bedroom/or if you ask John, "Man-Room." We also bought a new coffee table and two side tables for the living room. I'm very excited about these because now I can toss the 15 dollar piece of junk side tables I've been using from Ikea. Lastly, we bought the dining room table. If you've been reading this blog, you know how I feel about that (yay).


Lori said...

Yay! You got your table! =)

Jennifer said...

So happy for you...I saw a special tonight about schools in Maryland and it made me think of you...crap I already forgot the name of it...Douglas High maybe? Anyway...glad you got your table and so excited for you to be moving into a new place...together:)