Monday, July 7, 2008

Holy Monday

As per usual (or at least since last Wednesday night), I was without a mode of transportation. Obnoxious much? I took another day off of work and awaited the two calls that I was supposed to receive last Thursday; the heart and the car.

First things first: My heart. I called, again, and the lady had stepped out of the office. An hour later, she called me back to tell me that the holter monitor reading was essentially normal. She also informed me that the Echo reading was in transcription (?!?!?), but that I would find out more in the coming week.

Essentially normal? Well, I assume that that is essentially good news. I still have the stress Echo next week, and I have an appointment with the doctor in August that will tie it all together, but from this point on, I'm thinking that I'm normal. Essentially.

By 12pm, I had yet to hear from VW (I have now renamed VW, Vicious Wankers- and FYI, not all VW places suck, just the one that I happen to frequent. I've had amazing luck elsewhere). I caved and called them, considering the fact that I dropped off my car ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. The service tech didn't know anything, but said that he would let me know when he did (again). By 4, they still hadn't called so I decided to be annoying and call again. He said that he had no news, but that the transmission "specialist" would be looking at it soon. I said, "Today?" He said, "Yes, of course."

He called me back at about 5pm (while working out, ugh) and informed me that they still didn't have any news, and that the transmission specialist would be looking at it by 10am tomorrow morning. I lost my cool by this point and asked them why it is taking so long to look at fluids when they should have checked it when I had my oil changed there a month ago. Apparently, VW's have very high tech transmission fluid holders which require god (or someone very similar) to open up and refill. And no- they don't check transmission fluid during an oil change because VW transmissions are super special and hidden away in a secret place, sealed with super glue.

Whatever, I finally bit the bullet and told him that I'd be in within an hour to pick up a rental (at the rate they are going, I would miss a year of work). One might think that they would say, hey, you know what? Your car has been sitting here for 5 days and we haven't the slightest what is wrong with it, so here is a free loaner. Oh hell to the no. I have to pay.

Anyways, so boyfriend brought me to the VW shop at 6, as I had informed them. When we got there, the car rental lady informed us that they only had one car, so I would have to to go the Mazda dealer down the road to get one- and to tell them that the VW place sent us.

Fast forward 1 wasted hour of my life and a complete asshat representative who didn't speak comprehensible English and I'm finally home with a Chevy Cobalt (without automatic windows or automatic locks) for a mere 30 dollars a day. Ha.

If I didn't think that I would lose readers by cursing out the world right now, my next two sentences would include seven "f" words, four "b" words, and sixteen "s" words.

In other news, they day wasn't a total wash. I was able to sit next to the pool and read my book (it's amazing), and I finished one set of curtains for the kitchen (yay).

My saving grace right now is the fact that boyfriend is going to relinquish control of the TV and allow me to spend the next 2-3 hours watching the bachelorette finale.

Go Team Jason!


ETA: If you shop online every once in awhile and if you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, check it out (the info is on my sidebar). Between now and August 14th, they have a special promotion and if you sign up, you get 10 dollars credited to your account, and I get 10 dollars credited to mine.

I know it sounds like a scam, but I've honestly recieved legitimate checks from them!

You probably need the money, and I certainly need it. If shit keeps breaking around here, I'm going to be relocating to 12304 Cardboard Box Lane, Homelessville, Maryland very soon.

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Lori said...

sucks about your car. I'm surprised you didn't spew out expletives at the dealership. I would have.

Glad to hear your heart is good, essentially. Whatever that means. Stupid medical field.