Thursday, July 3, 2008

I got nothing..

I stayed home from work today to await the news (and cause I was stranded).

While waiting, I scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, did some laundry, and finished a bunch of other miscellaneous chores.

By 12, I was getting annoyed, so I called the car dealer and the heart doctor. The car dealer had no information yet, and the doctor was at lunch (I left a message).

At about 1, my car dealer called to tell me that they were able to confirm the problem that I was reporting. Well, no shit Sherlock. Did you think that I was making this up? They informed me that it could be the transmission fluid or it could be the transmission. However, because they turned on the car to confirm the problem, they had to wait at least five hours for the car to cool before they could test the fluids.

As luck would have it, the car dealership closed at 4:30 today. "Oh wait," he said- "I am actually going to leave at four because I want to start drinking early."

Guess who has to wait until Monday to hear anything vehicle related?

I don't know what to do. The trade in value on my car (with transmission) is about 8,000 bucks. Unfortunately, I owe 10,000 on it. At this point, I'm not sure if I should just say screw it and get something new, or bite the bullet and invest another 2,000 bucks into it.

Please cross your fingers that it is only the transmission fluid.

So, here I am, without a car for five days.

At about 3, I had yet to hear from the cardiologist. I called back again, and they told me that the doctor was called out twice this morning to deal with two heart attacks. Understandable. They said that they had downloaded my information and that the nurse would check with the doctor and call me before the end of the day.

By 5, I had heard nothing and I decided to call them back and ask what's up. I got the answering service. They were closed for the day and would not return until Monday. How fabulous. I'm trying to be positive and I am assuming that my heart is okay, but I think that it's slightly (or more than slightly) unprofessional to leave someone hanging for five days without at least calling to tell them that there results were not in.

Nice start to my long weekend.


Jennifer said...

Bless your heart!!! Good grief girl....what a crappy couple of days you have had....I hope that you can have some fun this weekend and not think about it!!

Wifer said...

I had this problem when I was trying to get the results for a test and the results would tell me if I had cancer or not. When I finally got in touch with my doctor
( have been seeing him since I was 14 and i am 35 now) he said that most doctors review test results in the morning and put them in order of "importance" the ones with not so good results are called first and the others later in the day. So going by that I would say that you just try to relax and enjoy your weekend as best you can.
I hope this helps.