Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It started off well...

My day started off well. I rolled into school at a leisurely hour, shot the shit with the secretaries for a few hours and then met my friend Lori for lunch. It was beautiful.

After lunch, I was off to my cardiologist appointment. The echo was strange to say the least, but I was incredibly relieved to remove holter monitor. The person doing my echo was a man, and he was more than a little bit socially awkward. Nothing quite like getting naked from the waist up with a weirdo. He poked, he prodded and he took pictures of my heart. He said that he didn't detect any major problems (that didn't make me feel good- I would prefer no problems at all). I should hear from my doctor tomorrow with a little more feedback (after she examines the holter monitor and echo pictures). Cross your fingers for me.

This is where shit gets bad (although in reality, I should count my blessings because it could be way worse, but I have a tendency to get really worked up over any car related issues). As I was pulling out of the parking garage, my car started to make really bad noises. After stopping at a stop sign, I put the pedal to the metal and was met with a completely stalled car (it's not stick) and a roaring engine. I turned it off and turned it back on. Couldn't move more than a few feet. After turning it on and off about two more times, I managed to get over to the side of the road. When I put it in reverse, it went forward. I turned if off again and managed to get to the light. There, it stalled again and the engine roared. Tears were streaming down my face (I don't cope well with car issues) and I called the VW dealership. They were complete assholes and told me that they wouldn't tow me, nor would they give me a loaner since I didn't buy my car from them (gee, sorry I lived in Massachusetts when I was car shopping). I then called the tow place that they suggested and cried some more. My mom didn't know what to do, my dad told me to call the tow place, and my boyfriend saved me by coming to my rescue.

In the meantime, every Tom, Dick and Harry making a right turn laid on their horn and yelled at me. Look at my hazards you shit for brains. I have never beeped at someone that is clearly stuck on the side of the road and I never will. If you happened to pass me today and blew your horn, I hope you realize that I hate you.

Apparently, VW has never heard of a problem such as this (f'in awesome), and as luck would have it, I'm pretty sure that my warranty is expired. The car is a 2003, but has only 30,000 miles. There is no need for this.. no need at all.

So yeah, I'm fuming. Did I mention that less than 15 hours ago I was discussing my poor finances with boyfriend. The timing could not be worse.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. Heart results and car results.


Jennifer said...

Awww...sorry about your car! I'll be praying for great results on your heart and a cheap bill for the car!! Chin-up...go do something fun boyfriends car?!

lisagh said...

What's even crazier (to continue from your comment on my blog) is that until just 9 months ago, I spent all of my vacation/leisure time on the Chesapeake Bay! Crazy.

Nice to meet you :)

Lori said...

Damn.Triple damn. Well, if you need a ride to work tomorrow I'll come and get you.

Hopefully the heart AND the car are okay. Really though, if I had to pick one or the other.. I'd go for the heart.

Wifer said...

Every time I have car trouble I want to become Amish. Just hand me the horse and the butter churn thingee, thank you very much.

Good Luck tomorrow.

Ashley said...

JKW.. thanks for the support! I sat on my couch tonight.. that is very fun for me =]

Ashley said...

Lori.. thanks for the offer, but I may just take the day off. Oh, and I pick the heart too, but it doesn't make car BS any less aggrevating! =]

Ashley said...

Duchess.. thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you! I checked out your blog and if it makes you feel any better (i'm an avid statcounter user) no one has found my blog via google with the search word "psychologist."

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