Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Losing It

I am going to lose it.

They called today to give me the verdict on my car. It is a $6,900 verdict.

Although they told me last night that I still had the warranty, it did in fact end in April 2008. Approximately 60 days ago.

I've been sobbing since 11:30am and finally made it home from work.

I called VW USA, and they are seeing if they can do anything, but warned me not to get my hopes up, considering the fact that my warranty ended two months ago.

I should hear from them in about an hour.

You do the math.

My car was worth 8,000 dollars for a trade-in in April 2008 (when I asked).

I owed a little less than 10,000 dollars on the car in April 2008.

I now need a new transmission which will set me back 6,900 dollars (sidenote: seriously, wtf kinda transmission costs 6,900 dollars? This one the mechanic man says).

If I try to trade it in now, I'll be lucky if I get one dollar without a transmission.

What a difference two months can make. I should have followed my gut then and traded-in. In the meantime, I'm going to fall into a semi-depression about this.

I don't think that i'll ever get ahead. I can barely afford groceries, let alone a 6,900 dollar transmission.

Do you know how depressing it is to work your ass off, go to college and grad school for seven freakin' years to work a job where I make a lot according the the f*cking tax bracket, and never come out on top?


Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

I am so sorry this has happened. Have you called another place to get a second opinion? Another option would be trying to find a used transmission.

Lori said...

oh my goodness. SERIOUSLY? WTF? I don't know how you haven't killed someone (the mechanic?).

Jennifer said...

OH NO!!! I am SO sorry...that really stinks...I don't know that I would put the money in the car though...you are better off being out the rest that you owe and then buying something else...so sorry...oh and I totally know what you mean about going to school forever and then not coming out on top...but hey atleast you are using your degrees.....