Sunday, July 13, 2008


It's been awhile since I've actually contributed a meaningful post. After all that car drama, I kinda ran out of steam.

*In regards to the car, my bitchiness paid off. On Friday, there was more B.S. Apparently, my service tech forgot to tell the rental car place that I was going to need to car longer (as he had promised)...sooo.. I got a call at about noon from a crazy man wondering where the heck his car was. I went straight to the VW manager (I wasn't gonna F around anymore) and I got them to pay for the rental from day one (yeah I may have let the gotta go booze comment slip when talking to the manager).

In other news, I still won't get my car back until Monday... or Tuesday (at the latest ha).

After returning home from work on Friday, I found out that my apartment complex was sold to another company. The entire staff disappeared into the night and has not been seen again since. Now I'm going to need to come up with a new name because "Melrose Place" just doesn't flow with the new complex name anymore.

On Friday night, we ended up having happy hour by the pool. We coerced the Serbian life guard to keep the place open later (hell management had disappeared), grilled up some hot dogs and got our drink on.

On Saturday, boyfriend and I ran errands, ate a ton of crab legs (okay, maybe that was just me) and went to the local carnival. I had so much fun and didn't even run into a single kid from one of my there schools (phew). We ate hamburgers, pizza, fried oreos (him), sno-cones (me), cotton candy (me) and a few beers. I love carnivals, and it was a great date night out with the man. I'm lucky that I've found one that shares my excitement for scary carnival rides and junk food.

Today, I planned on being productive. You know, grocery shop, do some laundry, clean etc. However, freakin' Noelle brought a bucket of margaritas to the pool at 2 and I'm just coming home right now (yes, after 8 hours). Usually, I go to the pool every Sunday for a little bit and come home shortly after. Today, everyone and their mom happened to stop by, so I had to hang around and socialize. I have a feeling that I'll be asleep quite soon tonight.

In the meantime, boyfriend took some pretty silly videos of us at the carnival yesterday and I'm trying to convince him to upload them on my computer for your viewing enjoyment... Stay tuned...

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