Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poor Boyfriend

We live pretty close to D.C.

For all intents and purposes we can get there in 30 minutes. Easily. On a Saturday.

Boyfriend started his new job downtown this week. Yesterday and today an accident left him in a gridlock on the highway for 2 hours.

If you are a RL (real life) friend and know any short cuts, tips and/or tricks for the trip from here to G-town, please, email me. For the sake of boyfriend


Tom Olenchock said...

Go in early, go home early. Easy answer is to avoid rush hour traffic and don't try to drive our 50 when a car flips and catches on fire shutting down traffic in both directions.

Lori said...

GPS is a god send. Hubby can avoid traffic jams by seeing that there are back ups and getting an alternate route.

Ashley said...

his GPS doesn't program traffic.. apparently it's about 150-200 dollars for the attachment to do that. How did he get his to work?

Ashley said...

no can do tom.. he has to work 8-5.. no flexibility yet.. or at least he can't ask yet (it's only been three days).