Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Matters

I wasn't going to post about this in the event that my family reads my blog, but I don't think they do, so I'm just going to do it. I'm just a tiny bit annoyed about the whole situation and this is my venting outlet.

Every year my cousins come to stay with my parents for about a week. They live in Connecticut and we used to see them all the time (obviously when we lived in Connecticut). We have since moved, several times, and now we rely on yearly visits.

Generally, the girls fly in to Baltimore for several reasons. First, Southwest flies there and it's the cheapest way to get three girls down here. It usually works out b/c I live close enough to run up there and pick them up from the airport. Last year, they stayed with me at my apartment for three nights before going to my parents house. My parents could technically pick them up in B-more.. but the traffic around here is absolutely ridiculous.. so obviously, that leaves me.

Anyways, my aunt called me in July to ask when they should come. I told her to have them come on the second or third week of July. I told her that the first week in August was out, so that July was better. Well, the third week passed without the receiving a flight itinerary and the fourth week she attempted to get tickets but realized that they were double the price when you wait until the last minute to make a purchase.

She called me later to ask if the first week in August was still bad for me. Yes, auntie. I'm moving. Oh, well they are flying in on Wednesday August 6th. Sorry about that was the response that I received.

Faaaaabulous. Did I mention that we get the keys to the new place on the 7th?

Oh, I guess that I did.

She told me that they would love to help and that I could put them to work. Ya know, I'm not sure about how helpful a 11, 13 and 16 year old are going to be, but I stuck my foot in my mouth.

It will be me, boyfriend, two cats, three kids and all of our boxes here on Wednesday night (did I mention that I still live in the one bedroom and you need a map to navigate your way through Mount Boxes to get from the front door to the couch?). It should be quite the party.

I'm off to dinner tonight with two of my fellow bloggers (IRL friends- Darth Mama and Koyaanisgatsi) but I probably won't post much until the end of the weekend. It's moving time.


A.D. said...

Put those girls to work. I'm all about some free child labor! Seriously though, that sucks. I hate it when a stressful situation gets even worse because of the poor planning of others. Good luck!

Wifer said...

Put them to work and spring for pizza and a really gooey treat. Seriously, my 16 year old self helped my cousin move and we had a blast. I also got some cool stuff out of the deal when we unpacked.

lml said...

I say make 'em work!