Monday, August 11, 2008

Holy Move

To start off on a positive note, Mr. Dopeman and Family is no longer enrolled at my school. This is fantastic news but I'm trying not to get too excited about it-- more often than not, when one leaves, another enrolls shortly after... and at least half the time, the new kid is worse than the one that just left.

In moving related news, my cousins came as planned on late Wednesday night. Unfortunately, our new keys to our new apartment were not on schedule. The plan was to move all day Thursday and to put the kids to work. Apparently, although the keys were promised on Thursday, one of the maintenance men were hurt on the job and they were unable to finish our apartment in time. We harassed them, we were pissed and we eventually got our keys on Thursday night at about seven (I won't even go into the full story, but they were promised at 5:30--one of about fifty promises).

Anyways, at about seven my parents showed up to help, and we moved all of the big stuff into our new place. We finally quit around 10pm and my parents and the cousins left to drive home. Boyfriend and I spent Thursday night at our new place.

On Friday, we got up pretty early and started moving. Seriously, my decision to avoid packing and walking everything over was one of the worst decisions of my life thus far. Boyfriend may have wanted to dump me at least 100 times on Friday, and I could not blame him one bit. We walked back and forth at least 500 times and worked from 9am until 6pm straight-- seriously, I'm talking very minimal breaks.

By six, we were falling apart, our arms were throbbing and we weren't even halfway done. Do you know how long it takes to carry a set of pots, pans and plates down one flight of stairs, 100 yards across the parking lot, and back up 2 and a half flights of stairs? I hope that you never find out.

{Side note: How have I accumulated so much stuff in 26- scratch that- 8 years? (I've only been living on my own for eight)}

On Friday night we ordered chinese food, settled down on the floor (in the one spot that wasn't covered with junk) and drank a bottle of champagne to celebrate our first place.

At about 10, our friends Mike and Noelle showed up and I enjoyed one more glass of wine. I spent the rest of the night hugging the toilet and feeling like absolute ass. I was seriously wasted, but I never puke from drinking. This was not an enjoyable experience.

On Saturday, John left to visit his grandmother and I tried to tackle more of the moving. Unfortunately, I felt like I was on the verge of vomitting every time I carried something in this heat and quit pretty early. Instead, I went to work trying to make sense of all the crap on the floor in our new place.

My sister bought me 5th row tickets to Gretchen Wilson for my birthday, so at about 3pm, I had to leave and travel to Northern Virginia for the show.

Boyfriend came home around 3 and finished up most of the moving himself. He's seriously a saint. None of the stuff was his and he helped out above and beyond what was necessary.

The concert was great and a fabulous break from the move.

On Sunday, I drove home and boyfriend and I finished up the last of the packing/moving. We probably moved stuff for at least 20 hours over the course of 3 days. After all of that, I got to clean up the old apartment for the new tenant. I'm not going to lie, the place was not spic nor span when I left it. In fact, I didn't even repaint the walls (despite the fact that I was supposed to), but I'm over it. I couldn't take another minute of anything moving related-- and my security deposit was 200 bucks. They can have it.

Finally, after we finished, boyfriend and I decided to run some errands and pick some things up for our new house. We went to Best Buy for a new remote, and found Mario Kart for Wii in stock. Of course we bought it and came home to play.

The new place still looks like it was hit by a tornado, nothing is put away, and I'm way too OCD to handle this situation well. I'm off to tackle the intense process of cleaning, decorating and organizing.


lml said...

sounds like you were/are super busy! congrats on the new place though!

A.D. said...

Ugh...I hate moving. At least everything is in and now you can concentrate on unpacking and making things pretty!

Ashley said...

Thanks Ladies!