Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's a Curse!

For those of you who commented a few weeks back about my non-existent (in your words, not mine) belly pouch.. you better look again, closely.

I wasn't going to mention this, but yesterday, I was walking through fourth grade when the chicken nugget balls boy (you may remember this from last year) yelled out to me, "Miss A! You're pregnant too?!?!"

Nope, just fat. But thanks for noticing (that was my actual response).

Anyways, I shrugged it off and attributed it to childhood error.

Until today- when I was checking out at Walmart.

The cashier seriously asked me, "how far along are you?"

I blinked and probably looked super shocked (it took me a good 10 seconds to register what she was asking) and in the meantime she started to make awkward noises like umm, oh, oops.

I finally told her two months.

NO, I'm not really- but it saved us both the embarrassment. I ran out of the store, cried in my car for a bit and I've been in a bitchy mood ever since.

I have several problems with this:
1. I am a f*cking size six. How pregnant can I possibly look?

2. Yes, I was wearing a pregnancy looking dress on Wednesday (empire waist), but today I was wearing a normal fitted dress. It's not the dress.

3. Yes, I gain weight in my stomach first. It's time to go all anorexic. For real this time (don't get pissed, I couldn't be anorexic for a million dollars-- but I'm gonna try to get halfway between where I am now and anorexic).

4. WTF kind of social skills do people in this world have? I can let the kid's comment slide, but a grown adult asking me these types of questions?

No wonder why you work at Walmart.

Seriously, this kind of shit only happens to me.


A.D. said...

WTF?! What is wrong with people??? From the photos I've seen you look tiny...nowhere near prego.
I feel your pain though. I always gain weight in my stomach first so even when the rest of me is (somewhat)skinny, I have the tummy pooch! If you find any remedies (although I still say you don't need them), let me know!
Hope tomorrow is better!

Jennifer said...

Oh Ashley...I am so friends and I had this discussion Friday night about how to NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant...and that is NEVER...because no matter how much you think they might be...they might NOT be and then it is just highly embarrassing. Anyway...I'm thinking it is your style of DO NOT like at all pregnant in that picture you posted awhile back but I can see in some of your dresses how someone might think it....NOT THAT YOU LOOK IT...I am just saying it is the style. I would cut off my right arm...well not be a size 6...I don't know what these people are thinking...send them my way...I can pass for 6 months any day of the!

Ashley said...

Thanks girls.. I appreciate the support. If I wasn't sick I would have hit the gym today..

Unfort. I feel like ass run over.

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

Seriously, these people are crazy. I know you in real life and I would agree.. I'd give anything to be your size. I can totally see how a kid would say it because of the style.

Seriously, don't listen to Wal-Mart woman. she's lame.

Shanna said...

I know what you mean about gaining weight in the stomach area first. I do. Plus I have had 2 c-sections so things just hang there no matter what I do. I stay away from any clothing that has a tie in the back or looks anything like maternity clothing (this could be because I had to wear it for nearly 2 years while I was pregnant with my first two children). Unfortunately the maternity looking styles are what people are wearing right now. I can't wait until the next trend comes along. I am sure you look great and the walmart girl had been at work way too long!

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