Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lovely Little Hump Day

Work was.. well, work.

I didn't get home until after five, which didn't help matters (I work in a school people.. that is late).

After work, boyfriend and I decided to hit up another local carnival. This one wasn't as big as the last, but we did manage to hop on a few rides together.

After the carnival, we went to Five Guys. I should be taking it easy on the food, but instead we shared a large order of Cajun fries and two burgers.

During dinner we watched Charlie Bartlett (we are new to Netflix and taking advantage).

Sorry, this post sounded way more exciting in my head (while we were doing all these things). Maybe I'll have something more for you tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

Don't feel bad...I had five guys for lunch today...I downed my cheeseburger and ate way too many fries...and I really don't care...I feel like I deserved just wish this lovely gut I have going on would realize that and quit looking 6 months pregnant when I am NOT:)