Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Post Where I Try Not to Sound Depressed

I feel like it's been awhile since I last posted.

This past week was a whirlwind at work- setting up, getting things ready etc. Tomorrow is the "dreaded day".... You know, the one where the kids come back to school (hence the trying not to be depressed part).

However, don't worry- the depression will subside soon. It's very situational and only related to children. =]

This past summer was incredible, so of course I'm a little anxious about starting back up and getting back into the grind. I preferred my life of leisure. My week should be pretty low-key because I don't have to take any groups or attend many meetings. However, we all know that in reality, at least two or three of them are going to have some sort of crisis which will require my immediate attention.

I spent all summer with Alli and Mari, so it was fitting that I spent Friday night with them, DOING.IT.UP. Alli and her husband recently bought a house and had decided to throw a house warming party. Of course, it couldn't have fallen at a better time- all school psychs need to get drunk in anticipation of school.

There was beer drinking (Shirt compliments of Laurie and Bill--THANK-YOU! I love it).

There was flip cup...

and there was a bunch of funny stuff that I shouldn't mention in a public forum. All in all, a fabulous time!

You all know that I act pretty geriatric at times, and when 11 p.m. rolled around, I was still ready to party (Shocking, I know--It only proves how much fun that I was having)!

Of course I needed to recoup on Saturday, and recoup I did. I woke up at about 9, tooled around the house and decided that a nap was in order. After my nap, boyfriend and I hit the pool and had a fabulous time playing in the water. That is, until some A-Hole decided that Saturday at 3 would be a fabulous time to power wash the pool deck (this new management is making A LOT of changes, however, they only seem to make these changes on the weekend).

The fumes and noise were ridiculous. In fact, my friend Jenny and I actually complained (not something that I do very often-- at least face to face, ha). We marched over to the maintenance man, in bikinis no less, and complained about the noise.

We said something along the lines of "Why do you feel the need to do construction every SATURDAY in August which disrupts the pool and it's patrons? We pay a lot of money to live here, blah, blah, blah and couldn't this wait until October or on a Monday morning at the very least? Also, if you must must must do this now, couldn't you at least give us a little warning, i.e. have your power washer walk over to us, when we are all clearly reading and relaxing and kindly mention that he has to turn his machine on? "

Well, the maintenance man said that he would take care of it, walked over the power washer man, whispered something in his ear and went on his merry way. About 15 minutes later, the PW (power washer) was at it again, and didn't supply a warning as requested.

We all marched out of there and promised to complain. I called and left a message about this B.S., but I'm sure it will not be addressed.

All of that drama tired me out and when I came home and saw this under the covers (in the man cave).... Obviously, I had to join.


A.D. said...

Looks like you had fun. I love that blue shirt...that color looks great on you! Sage looks so cute all snuggled up. I can see why you had to lay down with her...cuddly kitties are impossible to resist! Have fun at school tomorrow!

Ashley said...

Thanks! Of course it is from the loft! =]

Yes, cuddly kitties are the best.