Monday, August 25, 2008

Shopaholics Anonymous

Boyfriend tells me that I shop a lot.

He tells me that pretty much everyday.

I used to brush it off, but now I'm starting to feel guilty every time I whip out my debit card.

I tried to explain to him that the reason that I'm so cute, is because of all the cute clothes that I wear.

He's not buying it. He's my boyfriend and he's biased so of course he said something along the lines of "you would be cute in a potato sack" with a little "you have enough clothes to last you five years" thrown into the mix.

It's even harder now because I can't even hide my purchases or my shipments (which is more like it-- I'm an online shopper to the max), because he shares a room and an apartment with me.

Damn you boyfriend for giving me buyers guilt. Obviously, he has to lay it on me right when the new Boden catalog comes out and I'm desperately in need of at least four things there.

I need a $10,000 raise S.T.A.T.

To those of you that are thrifty--- how have you managed to curb your spending (and I'm not talking snowballing debt, paying the highest balance first).. I'm talking--how did you learn to develop some self-control?

If I quit the clothes, I can find at least 10 Wii games that I need, and a new furniture set that would look perfect in our bedroom.

It's tragic. Really.


A.D. said...

I have the same problem...if you find any solutions let me know. It seems like I always "need" things.
FYI. I just gave you an award on my blog!!!

BrooklynGirl said...

You should buy (and read) The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I'm in the middle of it and it's great. It's tough love but it's good advice.

I never spend money on clothes because I sit in a tiny, freezing office, wrapped up in a wool blanket all day, and work with crappy middle-aged men. I could wear the same thing every day and nobody would ever notice.