Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why you Shouldn't take your Boyfriend to the Fabric Shop

Boyfriend and I were running some errands earlier today (moving sucks) and I had to run into the fabric store because I was one half of a yard short for our cafe curtains.

Sidenote: To catch you up to speed, boyfriend has been begging for a redskins recliner and couch (Tragic). I vetoed the recliner and he decided that he wanted a redskins bathroom set instead- shower curtain, rug, you name it, the works (Ghetto). I politely declined that idea as well.

Moving on.. right there, dead center were redskins and steelers fabrics. I figured that since I'm kinda an ass and vetoed all of his other ideas, I'd be a good girlfriend and whip up some of these.

I don't hate them, they took approximately 15 minutes to sew, and they will make a great addition to our "man-cave" a.k.a. my office.


A.D. said...

Awww...what a good girlfriend! I won't let Eric have his UK room until we have a bigger house so I let him (acutally just got tired of listening to him whine) put some of his UK stuff in our computer room because I'm nice like that :)!

Ashley said...

That is nice of you! Seriously, boy stuff isn't fun.

Nora said...

Let me just tell you, my boyfriend has the Patriots recliner. Do not let it get to that my friend!