Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Year Book Me!

I saw this on a few other blogs and I had to try it out for myself.

It's actually quite hysterical.. and this doesn't even cover them all. =]

Here I am in 1950.. looking a little shadowy, but like a fox nonetheless.

1960 appears to be a good year for me. Hah.

1962. All I can say about this one is that thank god that I was born in the 80's.

1966-- if only I could make my hair this BIG in real life.

1974. Apparently, the model's face is much wider than mine.

1980. I wasn't even born yet. Thankfully- I would have come out like a big ol' hag.

It's a good thing that I was only 9 years old in 1990. I think that the picture says it all.

1996. I really did look like this in 1996. No lie.

1998. I was a fresh faced, junior in high school. Too bad my hair is naturally straighter than a pin.

If you decide to try this out for yourself.. you better comment back to me so that I can check out your pictures for myself. I want to make sure that no one would/could beat me at prom queen.


A.D. said...

Hilarious. I love the 1960 one. It looks like a real picture instead of a photoshopped one! I'll have to try this in my "Free" time (when I'm at work)! I'll let you know when I do!

Jennifer said...

So funny....I am glad to see that my face wasn't the only face that didn't match up to the size of some of the models faces. I am so glad I was born in 1979...and not the 50's or 60's...I would have looked really rough, lol!

Ashley said...

My grandma actually looked like that in 1962. Go figure. =]