Monday, September 22, 2008

Bring your Blog Friends to Work Day

Because it's a Monday, and I don't have a plethora of blogging topics lined up for the week, I decided to start the first annual Bring your Blog Friends to Work Day.

(This special day may have been inspired by a boring, tedious Monday morning).

Besides, I know that you've all been dying to look into the life of a school psychologist. Here's your chance.

First-- The ESSENTIALS for every school psychologist (click on the pictures to get the full effect).

1. Business Cards. Although, no one ever wants them. They make me feel important.

2. A computer. You need time to tool around.

3. Tissues- important because working with kids results in a perma-cold, all year round.

4. Signed counseling consent forms (the white sheets of paper on my desk)-- which means that I'll have to start my groups.

5. A flower pot full of floral pens- so your coworkers think that you're a ditz and don't pile too much on you (I'll have you know that the kids love my homemade flower pens, I don't care if the adults think I'm an idiot).

Now, from another angle...

7. Behavior charts littering your floor (I'll get to that later).

8. Plenty of cheesy, colorful posters teaching social skills and all about feelings.

9. Coffee. Trust me on this one.

And in the corner...

10. Clearly, every psychologist needs a bookcase. This one houses a picture of Snap and Sage (not a necessity for some).

11. A silver, sparkly basket full of fidgets and manipulatives.

12. All of those grad school books that you haven't cracked open in three years, but that your boyfriend wanted out of the damn apartment (they take up a lot of space).

13. An assortment of games. Some that are fun (so the kids don't think that you're a total drag), but most that teach you how to be a good friend.

Now, on to the behavior charts...

You may remember me complaining earlier this summer about feeling unappreciated. I still do. This summer I cut out, glued and laminated 50 of these bad boys. It may look fun, but it wasn't.

Last week at our meeting, guess who was nominated to make a bunch more for the cafeteria?

Oh, it was me!

I spent my morning fighting with the laminator and cutting out little pieces of construction paper. I think that I'm quite creative and that they look cute, but I'm the only one.

Either that or my coworkers are very good actors.

Please, ooh and ahh over them. I need some positive reinforcement STAT.


Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

You KNOW I love them! Seriously, you worked hard on those and anyone who doesn't appreciate the effort you put into them can go... well, jump off a cliff or something. Wait. Then you'd have to do more counseling. Nevermind.

What's the top one? Pink? What behavior is pink?

Ashley said...

There isn't a pink behavior..

the pink just says..

Grade: 2
Is my Behavior A-Okay?

A-Okay is our tragic motto.

Ashley said...


Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

A-Okay?! That's horrible. It is just as bad as ours.. "on track" because we're the trains. It's so stupid, because when I say things now I find myself saying, "he had a bad morning, but got back on track after lunch" HORRIBLE.

Mona said...

Ooooh they are very colorful! I mean cheerful and happy looking!! Good job! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks Mona.. and thanks for stopping by

Nora said...

Ohhh.. Ahhhh.. I hate behavior charts too! :) When I taught kindergarten I made about 1500 of them!

A.D. said...

I think they are so cute. They must have thought they were awesome if they asked you to make more of them!