Sunday, September 7, 2008


Being a hypochondriac is hard work--and very annoying.

This weekend was another rough one-- fun, but I partied far too hard for a regular old weekend. On Friday, we went back to the bar with our favorite wings and happy hour. On Saturday, my friend's Alli and Tyler hosted a Hurricane Party, complete with jambalaya and hurricanes (the drink).

We played cranium, and I somehow managed to drink 8-10 hurricanes (the total amount is unknown).

I came home last night and puked.

I've been drinking for the last ten years and up until moving into the new place, I had puked a total of two times in my entire life.

In the last month, I've tacked two more to the list. Either something is seriously wrong with me, or my alcohol intake abilities have declined significantly since turning 27.

On top of that, I woke up today and my hands/thumbs felt very weak and numb. Additionally, my legs and arms felt a little weak, tingly and numb.

Of course I went straight to webmd and checked out "symptom checker." All signs (legs, hands and arms) pointed to M.S. Reading that does a number on my mental health. My grandmother had M.S. (she died a few years ago) and spent her life in a wheel chair, unable to enjoy life for thirty years. Developing M.S. is quite frankly, one of my greatest fears.

I sucked it up and headed out to a restaurant to watch the steelers with boyfriend.


....and I felt a little bit better after a cheeseburger and some gingerale.

After the game, I went down to the pool to relax and to read Glamour. Of course there was an article about a girl with a brain tumor. This girl had word retrieval problems, weakness and an unsteady gait (hello, that's so me sometimes). Normally, I would not necessary immediately think that I had a brain tumor, but I just spent five minutes telling my pool friend that I had gone to the Ram's Head Road Head to watch the game (it's road house--see word retrieval problems).

See, being a hypo is exhausting.

But seriously, what's up with the limb weakness--can I attribute it to drinking?