Monday, September 8, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time....

.... Of the Year!

It's Steelers Season (a.k.a. football season for all you freaks that aren't Steelers fans).

I'm one of those super weird girls that will actually watch football for fun (steelers or not, but it's a really party when they are on). I enjoy it, I like dressing up, and I think that it's totally normal for girls to participate in and even enjoy watching the NFL.

Anyways, seeing as though it's football season, it means that it's time to start shopping for new apparel. I have two jerseys (Hines Ward home jersey, Ben Roethlisberger away jersey), a handful of t-shirts, two hoodies, a throwback helmet, a hat, and a terrible towel (I also have the salt and pepper shakers, pom-poms, Road to Super Bowl XL DVD, along with various items for your vehicle--both those aren't fashionable apparel).

I'm going to two games this fall- one on Monday night and one in Pittsburgh, so I really need to whip out some pretty fly clothing for the games.

Unfortunately, although I'm all for girls watching and enjoying football, I'm not all for the skanky football clothing geared towards woman. Seriously, do I need a lace-up leather bustier that says Steelers (NO, Boyfriend, it's not happening)? Or how about a skanky halter top? Don't even get me started on the "pink" jerseys that are out there (sorry if you have one, I still love you).

I'll wear a halter to the club, but I don't want to sport one when I'm watching 300 pound men play pig pile with a ball.

Anyways, my point is, is that good football gear is hard to find. I've narrowed it down to three items.. now I just need payday.

Another Jersey- yes, I have two, but you can never have too many.

This T-Shirt- usually I'm not a fan of fitted sports t-shirts, but this one isn't too skanky and doesn't include rhinestones (seriously, most of the shirts for chicks' have rhinestones).

Lastly, another hoodie. I don't have a gray one yet--- wait, scratch that, I do. But it's not fitted and it's not quite as cute. I love the throwback look that this one has.

What are you wearing this season, and who are you cheering for?


Nora said...

I just went to the new Patriots pro shop at Patriots Place today, they had all skanky womens things. I saw a "pleather" top with PATS spelt out in glitter...yikes! I'd take a mens small hoodie over that anyday :)

Ashley said...

AGREED! To be honest.. Everything that I own right now is either little boys (large of course) or mens.

It's the way to go.

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I love the fitted t-shirt. And... I do love football, too. We're Detroit fans, even though they suck. We also root for the Cowboys.

Kate said...

I just put up my terrible towel in the window! Can't remember if I told you this but I was raised a Steelers fan :) I am going to a game in October-can't wait!

I actually went to Super Bowl XL-so fun but I am not sure I ever want to go back to Michigan during winter!

Ashley said...

Oh, NO WAY! I didn't know you were a fan.

Are you from Pittsburgh?