Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mental Health Day

I'm a firm believer in the fact that sick days are meant to be taken.

I took one today.

I had to bring my cats to the vet before work was out, so I decided to scratch the half day idea and enjoy an entire day off.

I slept in until 9:30, I window shopped, I spent time outside (it's gorgeous), I read my book on the patio, and I went to the vet (which I happen to find very enjoyable).

I love my vet, and could talk to her for hours. Apparently Snap and Sage are not as fat as grandma and daddy think. She thinks they could stand to lose 2 pounds each (Sage is 13 pounds, Snap is 11), but isn't worried about them at all. I am going to start a new diet and try dry food once a day and wet food once a day. She thinks that this will do the trick.

For now, I'm off to relax outside with my book before tennis. I wish I had more time to throw a nap into the mix.


Stephanie said...

I love going to the vet as well. Pets 1 + 2 really like our vet, and she is just friendly as can be.

Glad you took a mental health day. I almost took one today myself.

Mona said...

It sounds as if it was a much enjoyed mental health day. :) Good for you!!

Snap and Sage are cute kittens on your sidebar. 11 & 13 pounds...Wow have they grown! Oh please show us their sweet grown up kitty faces. I'm a cat mom of three.

Nora said...

Diasy wishes I would give her wet food 2 times a day, but she only gets it once. Silly kitty! :)