Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday Funday

On Sunday, Boyfriend, Noelle, Mike and I went to the Renaissance Festival down the road.

It's a festival that is put on every fall and it's full of booze, good food, and is an all out freak show.

Normal people, like myself, do frequent the Renaissance fest, but there are plenty of fairies, witches and knights every way that you turn.

We went over at about 1pm and spent the day drinking, eating and watching (mouths agape) the show (a.k.a. the other patrons).

The food is to die for. Boyfriend and I split a giant turkey leg. I think that it was fried and the fat dripped off it with every bite (sounds gross, but it was delish).

Here's boyfriend in full-on biting action.

The boyfriends made us pose in these little contraptions. I was too busy concentrating on my turkey leg.

Boyfriend didn't want to be outdone and made me outfit him with a Glutton sign. Very fitting at the time.

Only at the Renaissance fest are you allowed to throw knives, axes and battle stars. Of course the boyfriends participated in all three events.

I wasn't too happy about watching them, considering the fact that they were at least 6 beers in at this point. Seriously, who's idea was it to sell beer adjacent to the knife throwing stall?

I too was six beers in, but I was forced to take aim (sorry, no pictures of me) with the axe as well.

Boyfriend made it out of the knife throwing alive, and I was happy about being reunited with him (all of him, still intact). I was seriously quite drunk by this point, so we did what any other drunk person would do, and visited the food stands. Boyfriend and I split a corn on the cob drenched in butter (it was phenomenal), enjoyed fried macaroni and cheese (a new delicacy that was delicious) and topped off the meal with some fried dill pickles.

Oh my gosh ya'll- the fried pickles were probably my favorite part of the whole entire day. I kind of want to go back to the festival again just to get another serving. I would try to replicate it at home, but the dill in the batter was fresh, and I don't think that I could copy it (never mind the fact that I shouldn't be eating fried pickles everyday).

After three more beers, the boyfriends decided that it was time to engage in some battle axes. I'm not too sure how it was any different from the axe throwing that they participated in earlier in the day, but I do know that they were forced to wear these fancy hats.

By 7pm, Noelle and I were hot, sweaty, drunk and tired. Obviously, the boys were ready for round two.

After a day trekking around the woods with thousands of people, elephants (no, seriously there was an elephant ride) and dirt, we decided to cool off with a trip to our pool.

Nothing like a cold dip in the pool to sober you up at 7pm. Operation Sober-Up didn't work as well as we thought it would since four of our neighbors came down to join us and started an all out drinkfest that lasted until 10pm-- when the lifeguard finally kicked us out.

Today, I woke up huuuuurting. I spent approximately 6 hours lounging at the pool. I'm going to miss our Serbian lifeguard (his last day was today).


Laura said...

ren fest is just a total freak show, some people take it entirely too seriously and with a couple beers and a few friends, it can be a great time! glad you had a fun weekend

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