Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Won! We Won!

I may need to get a life.

Last night the Steelers were playing the Ravens.

Being a football fan appears to be a lot like what it feels like to suffer from Bipolar Disorder (I don't really know for a fact, once again, I'm just sayin').

The start of the game was rough--- to say the least. I felt like I was falling into a deep depression every time the offense messed up. Boyfriend tried to comfort me, but I brushed him (or smacked, but what does that matter?) away. He understands. He's a football fan. Fast forward 15 seconds and two touchdowns later and I'm manically happy. I'm dancing, I'm making gangsta signs with my hands, at one point, I even yelled very, very loudly while standing outside on the patio.

Fast forward two more quarters and I'm a hot mess. The game was tied and I swear I had a fever. My blood was boiling, I was sweating, and I couldn't stop pacing around the living room. I had my pointer and middle fingers crossed, in addition to my ring and pinkie fingers. With my fingers crossed, I was massaging the number 7 on my jersey (it seems to be a good luck charm). It was difficult with all of the finger crossing, but in the end----- it worked.

We won, but I almost had a stroke waiting for it.

See, that is why I need to get a life. If I get this wrapped up and bipolar-ish during the fourth game of the year, how am I going to handle the next 6? Especially considering the fact that the rest of our schedule is grueling to say the least-- and we are playing the 6 best teams in the league.

One life please. Send it my way.