Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where the Magic Happens

Do you know how hard it is to find 20x20 inch frames these days?


Boyfriend and I bought a set of prints a few months back, but couldn't find the proper frames. I searched high and low and finally went back to Ikea this weekend to get some.

It's not that I hate Ikea, I just hate Ikea on the weekends, which is really the only time that we can get there. If we lived anywhere else in the world we could head on over any night that we wished. Unfortunately, we live in the D.C. area and although Ikea is a whopping 20 minutes away, you have to take the capital beltway to get there and if you're in the know, you know you don't drive on the beltway between the hours of 2-8pm --unless absolutely necessary.

The beltway can also suck on the weekend. It took us 2 hours to get home from my parents' today (a whopping 45 minutes away) due to redskins traffic. Really, it's killer.

Anyways, I finally hung up the prints and took some pictures.

This is our bed (you've seen this set) and I actually sewed that lone yellow gingham pillow (I think it looks cute).

As you can see, the prints are hanging above the bed. I only had small nails so cross your fingers that I don't wake up in a sea of glass --with a concussion.

And finally, here is a picture of the curtains that I made a month or two back. I think that they came out splendidly. I'm so glad that I went with the tabs on the top-- it was a little more difficult, but it looks nicer.


A.D. said...

TMI...I do not need to know about the magic happening :)!
I think the prints look great, and I LOVE the curtains. It makes me (almost)want to learn how to sew...but, not quite! I love the little yellow pillow are just so talented :)!!!

Jackie said...

Wow you are so crafty! Love the curtains :)

Ashley said...

Thanks ladies...

I appreciate it