Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Big Loser

I've never watched the Biggest Loser (I'm not sure what that says about me) until last night (okay, tonight really-- I DVR'ed it to see what all the fuss was about).

but holy crap ya'll, that show is sad.

I had to hold back the tears at least 7 times in a span of 7 minutes.

I'm not sure what that says about me either.....


Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure what that says about me either....."

How 'bout it says you're lame!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

Seriously, who tells you that you're lame?

That wasn't even why I was commenting.

Are you coming to the meeting tomorrow at the view?

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

Annnnnd... I happened to switch to Biggest Loser last week and was captivated by it.

Me in Memphis said...

I love that show. I'm not a huge person like that, but I would LOVE the opportunity that they are given. Personal trainer, gym access 24 hours a day, food supplied for me and they tell me what to eat and how to make healthy meals. Living on a ranch by the beach. What stinks is the &*#(@)# people who go on the show and whine about how tough it is and end up not losing much. Great waste of an opportunity!

Jackie said...

I love that show! I smile and cry the entire time. And it is soooooo motivating!

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