Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy T.V.

I sincerely hope that The Hills is fake (yes, I watch- stop laughing).

Why do I sincerely hope that it is fake, you ask?

Because if not, Heidi is a fool.

Sidenote: For the record, I find Lauren to be pretty whiny and looking back at her track record (circa Laguna Beach), she has a hard time maintaining friendships. As a result, I don't hate Heidi.

I digress- my point is that Spencer is a total tool. He's scrawny, he's a lowlife and he looks like a rat (the new facial hair makes me want to vomit). I cannot believe how disrespectful, conniving and asshol-ish he is. If he's not faking, Heidi needs a direct ticket to the clue bus.

That brings me to Audrina and Justin-Bobby. She may want to ride shotgun with Heidi, because that boy has GOT to go. He's using her and he doesn't want to be exclusive. I say, NEXT please.

My (reality) T.V. character hatred does not stop there.

I think that Heba from the biggest loser is literally the biggest loser. She doesn't shut her mouth and she thinks she runs the show. I also despise her little minions, Brady and Vickie. They have the worst attitudes in the world and are not enjoyable to watch.

I could quote several things that Vickie said last night that made me want to puke.. but I assume that I've bored you enough already.

For the record, my (reality) T.V. character hatred does not stop there.

Don't even get me started on Tyra.


In other news, tennis ended tonight. I really enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I think we're actually going to continue on with our lessons. It was a great way to spend a Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

I found your page via Misadventures of a Newlywed and I laughed at your Reality Show update. I am totally that person, too! I watch the Hills (my guilty pleasure), hope that they are really scripted, and despise Spencer. Vicke irritated me on the Biggest Loser. I would LOVE to see her go home! I enjoyed reading over your blog. I would love to keep up on it!

Ashley said...

awesome.. keep reading. I'll check out your blog too!

Me in Memphis said...

I watched The Hills religiously until recently. I just can't take Spencer. He creeps me out.

I totally agree on Heba!!