Sunday, October 19, 2008

Key Points

I feel like it's been forever since I posted anything with substance. Maybe not, but for now, you'll have to settle for another wrap-up.

My weight watching was going well (lost two pounds) until I went on a food bender late in the week. On Thursday I went out with some girlfriends and feasted on Spanish food and 2 margaritas (I should know better). The margaritas hit me harder than I'm used to and I'm pretty sure I managed to say the word speculum (don't ask) EVERY single time the waitress passed by. I'm willing to bet that if I tried to order a third drink, she would cut me of-- based solely on the words coming out of my mouth.

On Friday, I wanted to stay in and cuddle with the boyfriend, but we were persuaded to join some friends for happy hour. Of course, while there, we indulged in the best wings south of Buffalo. After a night out on the town, we returned home to continue the party back at the apartments and sang karaoke at the top of our lungs. The pizza delivery man (it actually wasn't for me this time) walked in at the perfect moment. Boyfriend and I were engaged in an all out duet battle singing 80's pop (I think that it was RESPECT).

On Saturday, my parents came up to visit and we went out to dinner.. YET AGAIN. I had a chicken sandwich, which wasn't as bad, but I also indulged in some onion rings and a couple beers. After dinner, the four of us headed to a haunted house and had a fabulous time. After the haunted house, we came back here for a night cap and a little Wii.

You might think that I would take it easy today, but no! The steelers were playing at one, and of course the Ravens were on cable instead of my beloveds. As a result, I was FORCED to go to the bar with some friends to watch the game (and eat a cheeseburger). I actually manged to lay off the booze today, but regardless... now you know why I'm a ball of chub.

I'm finally relaxing, laying on the couch with Sage. Boyfriend went to the Redskins game, so it's just me and my girl (I have no clue where my son is right now).


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Your principal seems like a mean women!!

Wifer said...

Wow she sounds like my old boss who was the owners niece. She once demanded that I drive her to and from work everyday because she lost her license because of a DUI. Did I mention we had to make several stops on the way home so she could shop but she wanted me to wait in the car??

Good Luck and don't let her get to you.

Anonymous said...

maybe she found out that you go to work late, leave early, and take 2 hr. lunches and shopping sprees with your friends.....sounds like she is into job accountability, imagine that!

Ashley said...

anon, statcounter shows that you've been stalking my blog every half hour (all day) awaiting a response. Although the location of your IP address states New York, it's been determined that you live within 15 miles of the Odenton, Millersville Maryland area. Additionally, you are using Verizon for your internet connection. The more you visit, the more info I can pick up about you. I'm really good at this internet stuff and a connection at Verizon does not hurt.

For your information, I do go to work on time- I've been no more than 5 minutes late, nor have I left more than five minute early (still putting in my 8 hours, working over lunch etc). Secondly, if I can't even leave five minutes early without being caught, how in the world do you think that I'm partcipating in shopping and two hour lunches?

Next time you leave an anonymous message, you'll have to give your real name. If you're so concerned, make yourself known.