Monday, October 6, 2008

A Nice Lil' Sunday

Boyfriend and I were feeling quite ambitious yesterday and decided to hit up several local events.

We started off the day with a trip to our local neighborhood Oktoberfest celebration. We didn't stay long, but we made a loop and checked out a few of the vendors. I was psyched to be outside, it was absolutely gorgeous.

After the festival, we headed home to watch the Redskins win their game (yay for boyfriend).

Later in the afternoon, we hit up a local farm. Of course we took pictures.

The farm was hosting a corn maze, which was actually quite fun. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was nice to be outside, walking around, and getting lost with the boyfriend.

The maze had all sorts of cute signs throughout.. This was my favorite...

The was boyfriend's least favorite...

..and because I'm always looking for a photo-op, here's one last picture inside the maze.

After the corn maze, we headed to dinner and then came back to the farm a little bit later in the evening for the haunted house. Part of the haunted house is 3-D, so we got to wear these tres fashionable glasses...

After the haunted house, we headed back home to watch the Steelers win (yay for me). I'm exhausted today, but I've been missing boyfriend so I'm glad we got to enjoy a fabulous fall day out and about.

Today I had my semi-annual observation with my boss (I know, perfect timing after a super busy weekend). I was very nervous about it to say the least (b/c my principal hates my guts)... but I think it went pretty well.

At one point, I made a suggestion and I swear the guidance counselor was mocking me (for the principal's satisfaction) and making faces. She kept saying (while nodding her head, winking, and looking like an all out ass) that what I suggested "was a very good idea."

Whatever, when my boss left she said that she was very impressed by the amount of knowledge that I was able to share about each child, and that she was impressed with the fact that I know most of the kids in the school and contributed so much to the meeting.

Bonus points for me. I won't find out what she really thought until May, but I'm not sweating it. She appeared to be pleased.


Laura said...

what is it about a corn maze that's just so much fun!

University of Iowa Meg said...

Thanx! I like your blog!