Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lots to Update!

On Friday, my friend Mari was hosting a girl's night at her apartment. It was the perfect occasion to announce my engagement and to have a toast. Champagne was had by all.

Kristin, Alli and I

All of the girls after Mari's toast

The party quickly turned into dance party USA (little known fact in blog world- I'm actually quite outgoing and take any opportunity to make an ass out of myself). See, that's why fiance loves me.

Dance Party USA turned into a full on dance off. Kristin and I were lucky enough to beat out Mari and M.J. in the Hip-Hop, Freestyle, Modern, Ballet and Cheerleading competition =] We went head to head, and they gave us a run for our money. Luckily, 15 years of dance classes paid off.

You get one shot from the dance off, I don't want to embarrass anyone else (besides myself)

It happened though- here is Kristin and I admiring our moves (Noelle was snapping pictures)

The party was really fun, and I drank a little too much. At some point in the night I knelt down on Mari's patio and was either punctured by a nail and/or stung by a wasp. I spent the next hour contemplating going to the ER for a tetanus shot.

{I didn't and I am alive to tell the tell......... so far}

On Saturday morning, boyfriend and I decided to do something really crazy (we were both hungover and exhausted) and went to check-out a venue on the Eastern Shore. It was incredible and we're 100% in love. Now, I just need to convince my parents that it's the place to seal the deal.

There is a lot to consider though. Although boyfriend and I dream of getting married on the water, my dad works at a hotel in downtown D.C. I never dreamed of a D.C. wedding, but it may be worth the savings. The rates at dad's hotel are astronomically high, so we're waiting to see what kind of deal we can get.

In other news, if we get married at our dream spot, I think that we're actually going to go with a Friday night wedding. I wasn't feeling it at first, but that savings would add up to at least 5,000 dollars. I see no need to pay an extra 5,000 based simply on the day of the week that we get married. Plus, after some careful consideration- I think that the people that love us and want to share the day with us will be willing to take a half and/or whole day off to celebrate and be by our sides.

In addition, those traveling to our wedding would have to take at least one day off of work anyways. No final plans have been made. I really wanted to put if off and take some time to enjoy our engagement, but we quickly learned that if you don't book a place at least a year in advance, the likelihood of you getting anything semi-decent is slim. I'm hoping we can book the place within the next week, settle on a date, and then take a month or two off to relax and enjoy being engaged.

On Saturday night, my parents met the fiance's parents. We all met down at my parents house for dinner and drinks. Although I was worried, and was afraid that I would have several horrifying stories to tell, the whole thing went fabulously. They got along great, and they weren't even on their best behavior. Luckily, our parents are quite similar in every area except religion and a love of wine, but we were able to get past that and enjoy the evening.

When we got there, my mom had bought this cute little cake and we toasted with champagne (again). Seriously, I love that cake topper. I don't think I'll use it in my actual wedding, because (gasp) we don't want a wedding cake, but I'm sure that it will make an appearance at the bridal shower and/or rehearsal dinner.

I think that is everything! I have worked out some of the wedding plans, but it's mostly in regards to decor. Not everything that I want has been met rave reviews (Fiance's mom and my sister are not feeling my chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses), but my mom seems to be on board (or at least pretending). She went out today and bought fifty billion fall decorations at Michael's because she knows that I want a fall wedding and fully intend to incorporate berries and twigs and pumpkins. Isn't she sweet?


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope you have a great week as well!!

University of Iowa Meg said...

I can't believe you've gotten this far with planning! I am impressed. However, I'm a destination wedding type of girl....not much for the planning thing :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, congratulations Miss Ashley! We just got caught up with all the excitement! You loko so cute in the is a great color for you.

BTW, we have enjoyed the few Friday night weddings we have been to; the only that would impact a decision for me would be how many guests and or members of the bridal party would be seriously (really-really-really seriously) impacted or hampered by that day as opposed to a Saturday.

Congratulaions again!

Mrs. S. said...

I think that a Friday wedding could be a great thing, especually in cutting down on those that come. It might cause those that you REALLY want to have come to be there and those that might only be coming because it is on a Saturday to not come b/c it is on a Friday. Just a thought. I like your chocolate brown dress idea. I think that color looks rich and is a nice change from black. Good luck!

Ashley said...

Thanks ladies!

and thanks for the red compliment. I'll have to buy more.