Monday, December 22, 2008

Cat Week

Wow, this has been a cat filled week..

as in, I've posted about my cats waaaaaay too much.

However, I recently purchased one of those Pet mate automatic feeders for the kitties.

Why? (you may be thinking)

1. Because I was sick of Snap licking my head on the weekends at 7am.

2. Because I'll feel better leaving for Christmas knowing that they have food being delivered at a specific time.

So far, so good. It looks nice, it works nice, the cats are actually responding to it and eating from it.

However, I think they are responding to it a little too well.

Sage is trying (very very hard) to get more food. I can see the wheels turning in her head --- "But Ashley (mom), I can see all of that food in that big tub, why isn't it coming out?"

She's sticking her paws up the slot, she's pushing the entire thing around the kitchen with her nose (quite annoyingly) and she's doing whatever she can to get some more food.

Now I'm a little nervous about leaving her home this week with an unattended automatic feeder.


Stephanie said...

I am planning on buying one of these tonight for Newlywed Kitten. She is also very inquisitive, and I have wondered if she will hurt herself trying to figure out how to get the food...

Laura said...

after seeing what my kids do to a bag of cat food, I would be nervous for the autofeeder.