Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Cards and Other Stuff

I ordered photo Christmas cards for the first time in my life about two weeks ago. The fiance was very against them (his family has a thing against people sending pictures in/as Christmas cards- I don't get it), but I actually enjoy when others send pictures.

As a result, when boyfriend (crap- I'm still getting used to this one month later) fiance was in the shower, I got on Snapfish and whipped something up!

Sorry to those of you that are going to receive a card in real life, but here's a little preview for those that may not.

Basically it's this picture, a cute Christmas-y border, and a message from Fiance Last Name and the soon-to-be Mrs. Ashley Fiance's Last Name.

Yeah, Yeah I'm totally cheesy. Don't be jealous.

I actually love that picture of us. It's a tad bit old (last Christmas), and I'm up about 10 pounds, but I'm in the process of remedying that.

In other news, after learning of my horrible, no good gyno/root canal date next Wednesday, the fiance and I decided to take a little trip to Macy's last night for some registering.

I've spent the last month dreaming about running around a department store with a scanner and an on cloud nine look on my face but -let me tell you- this registering business is hard work.

It took us three hours to pick out our CHINA.

Well, actually we picked out our china in about ten minutes, but before you can add it to your registry, the folks at Macy's must make up a table and show us coordinating glasses, flatware, linens etc.

Did you know that the folks at Macy's like to try to convince you that the only glasses that will go with your fine china are the 65 dollar a stem glasses?

She practically vomited all over the desk when I told her we'd stick with something a little simpler (read: more affordable).

After three hours choosing nothing more than stemware, china, and flatware, the lady let us go off on our own with the fun scanner.

The scanner is fun, but trying to pick one of 23234324 different pots and pans can become a little overwhelming. We're going to do a little more research before we pick up the scanner again.


Gwen said...

I love the photo!!! And good for you sending out what YOU want too!!! You'll have a better time with registering next time now that the China drama is over with. :) {HUGS}

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I remember registering for gifts. Mr. Guru thought it was fun to scan the most random things!

A.D. said...

I love the picture. Very cute! I did a photo card too, but I put all the kitties on it, of course :)! They take much better pictures than I do and who wouldn't want a card with my adorable kitties on it!
Registering is fun, but I think we ended up removing about half as much as we put on there. We tended to get a little trigger happy with the scan gun and then we'd go on-line and remove about half of it when we got home! Happy registering!

Kate said...

Such a cute photo!