Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Maids

We have decided on a bridesmaid dress for my wedding (dress subject to change- ha).

I found this dress online and I fell in love! I want it for myself to be quite honest.

I was originally going for something V-neck with tank straps, but this is much nicer and much classier.

Yesterday afternoon, two of my bridesmaids and I were on a mission to find this dress and to see it in person. Dress shop number one was closed on Mondays. Dress shop number two didn't actually carry the dress, even though they said that they did on their website.

Today, I smartened up and called before visiting. The dress shopped that was closed on Monday laughed at me when I requested the dress. She said, "We carry the line, but we didn't purchase that dress. Who actually wants to wear box pleats?"

Well you big biatch, I obviously like the box pleats considering the fact that I requested the see the dress.

I called one more place and I finally got lucky. They had the dress. The same two bridesmaids and I scrambled over on our lunch break to try it on (yay to no kids).

It's actually super cute on!

It's going to be this color (aubergine), but the sash is most likely going to be in latte (a champagne color) instead of black. I didn't want anything too formal (i.e. long) but the wedding has taken a turn to the fancy side (i.e. ballroom and in the evening) so I wanted something that was fun, cute, but still formal.

I've been torn about the dress color for the last two months. Espresso brown would go better with our fall color scheme, but I've been a fan of the color purple since I stepped (or fell, rather) out of the womb.

After much deliberation, mom and I decided that we would give our pumpkin centerpieces a gold crackle glaze to tone them down and find a way to incorporate the purple through the flowers and decor.

I think that with some bronze/light gold shoes, that this dress is going to be bangin'


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful dress! The color is gorgeous and I wanted to pass along a little bit of wisdom...brown is soooo trendy. It has popped up in almost every single wedding I have seen in the last 2 years (that's at least 2 weddings a weekend in the summer). Stick with the purple and maybe use grapes or flowers to pull it all together

Mrs. S. said...

That dress is so gorgeous! Also, I have seen that color so much this fall that I am sure it will blend right in. It looks great with all the fall colors. I can't believe that one lady said that on the phone...does she want business???! I guess not!

Jaime said...

You are so purple. Good for you :)

Johnny said...

Box pleats?!?! Wow, can we say TACKY!!!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I LOVE the dress! And I agree with Ms. Attitude, brown is really trendy and has been everyone's color this year. Go with the purple, you'll be happy you did.

Also, were you working? Like, at school? You mentioned on your lunch break.. I'm confused.

Kim said...

I love the dress!!! It's so cute! And I agree...brown is way overdone! And I see a ton of weddings! Congrats on checking that off your list!!

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