Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wedding Shoes

Before I got engaged, I used to imagine my wedding- bot obsessively or anything, but the event crossed my mind every once in awhile.
I thought that I would be funky.  I scoffed at traditional things- I wanted a snow cone machine and I could not imagine wearing traditional wedding shoes.  My imaginary bride-self always wore red shoes.
But now i'm torn.  The snow cone machine is no longer appealing, and I'm kinda down with the ivory shoes.
Do I want traditional wedding shoes (my dress is quite fancy)?...
or do I want something funky that matches the bridesmaid dresses?
Someone weigh in here....


LucyinStLou said...

Imagine opening your wedding album in 20 years. What do you want to see?

Stephanie said...

I wore a great dress. If you scroll through my blog you'll find it. It was one of my first entries...or just go to the labels and click Vera Wang wedding dress.

Anyway. I wore pink kitten heels.

Why? Because I wanted to do something pretty but fun. They looked like ballet shoes, but had a little heel.

I loved them. They weren't so LOUD that it was obnoxious, but they were enough color to appease me.

A.D. said...

Maybe do something traditional for the actual ceremony, but have some funky (comfortable!) ones to change into for the reception. Then,you have the best of both and you get to buy TWO pairs. This, of course, is coming from your fellow shopaholic :)!!!

Wifer said...

I wore white ballet flats because I am lame and klutzy which is not a good combination. However my dream self that can run in 4" heels wanted to wear red heels on the wedding day.

liz said...

I know red is FUN... and I think often about how I wish I had done red shoes or a winter wedding with a bold, red scarf...

But I think in 20 years I will be happy that I stuck to as timeless a theme as possible. I still had very non-traditional elements in my wedding, but when it came to my attire and hair/make-up, I stuck to traditional and timeless. (For photos sake!)

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